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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Clutch

When shopping for a new clutch choose one for B110 or B310 with A12, A14 or A15 engine. Originally these used different specifications, but now Nissan sells one disc and one cover for all A-series engines. The only one that is different is B210 5-speed, which uses a unique clutch disc.



Clutch parts are available from:

Nissan B210 Clutch Kit
Nissan parts dealer
Local auto parts stores
Mail order auto parts stores, such as:
* O'Reilly Auto Parts
Specialty clutch suppliers

#Clutch Kit includes common wear items


A traditional dry clutch disc is used at 180 mm diameter. Discs for A12, A13, A14 or A15 are all compatible. It is larger than the Datsun 1000 disc (160 mm).

* C010M-C9900VW Clutch Disc $92.83 USD, supercedes all A-series
* SIZE OD: 7 1/8 inch (180 mm)
* shaft Size: 13/16 (20.6 mm)
* shaft TEETH: 18 

For B210 5-speed clutch disc, see 63-Series_Transmission#Clutch


Type: F180DC
* SIZE OD: 7 1/8
* SPLINE DIAMETER: 13/16 (20.6 mm)
* Thickness: 7.6 to 8.0 mm (0.2992 to 0.3150 inch)
* Thickness (compressed): 6.7 to 7.0 mm (0.2638 to 0.2756 inch)
* Facing size: 180 x 125 x 3.5 mm (7.09 x 4.92 x 0.140 inch)
* Total Friction Area: 264 square cm (40.92 square inch)
* Allowable minimal rivet depth: 0.3 mm (0.0118 inch)
* Allowable facing run-out: 0.5 mm (0.0197 inch) at radius 85 mm
* Allowable free play of spline: 0.4mm (0.0157 inch)
* Number of torsion spring: 6


Service Specifications:
* Deflection limit: 0.5 mm at 85 mm radius


* Height Diagphragm spring end: 29-31 mm at 62 mm diameter


* Facing depth to rivets: 0.3 mm or better


B210 A13: 180CBL (interchangeable with B110)
Facing material: HT50S-17 or A150
Noise transmission improvements:
* two types of torsion springs. Three of them have a gap
* springs are stronger
* Chrome-plated splines
* Thickness Free: 8.45 - 9.15 mm (0.3327 - 0.3602 inch)
* Thickness Installed: 7.6 - 8.0 mm (0.299 - 0.315 inch)
* Maximum backlash of spline at disc edge: 0.4mm (0.0157 inch)
B210 A14: 
* Facing material: A50 only
Type: 180CBL
Thickness Free: 8.5 - 9.2 mm (0.335 - 0.362 inch)
Thickness Installed: 7.6 - 8.0 mm (0.299 - 0.315 inch)

25430.jpgAlbum 25430 25431.jpgAlbum 25431 25432.jpgAlbum 25432 25433.jpgAlbum 25433 25434.jpgAlbum 25434 25435.jpgAlbum 25435 25436.jpgAlbum 25436 25437.jpgAlbum 25437 25438.jpgAlbum 25438 25439.jpgAlbum 25439 25441.jpgAlbum 25441 25440.jpgAlbum 25440

Clutch Cylinder

For the Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder, see:

Hydraulic clutch

Flywheel Surface Inspection

Yes, you should resurface the flywheel if it is not in good shape!!! Better to not re-grind the flywheel if it doesn't need it.

It is not indicated to turn the flywheel UNLESS cracks appear, or it is not flat (worn unevenly), or the surface is burnt (heavy glazing). Guys will tell you "it is cheap insurance" to machine the flywheel clutch surface regardless, but that's not what the Datsun factory service manual says.

Wash ... in suitable cleaning solution to remove dirt and grease ... Check friction surface of flywheel and pressure plate for scoring or roughness. Slight roughness may be smoothed by using fine emery cloth. If surface is deeply scored or grooved, the part should be replaced.

- 1980 B310 service manual

If it is warped, have it resurfaced. It is it burnt, chattered, or is grooved, resurfacing is called for. But it if still worked great, is flat, and not burnt, don't bother. The Nissan factory service manual does not recommend a resurface unless needed. Every time my Datsun flywheel did not look great, I should have resurfaced it. And everytime it looked great and I didn't resurface it, all was fine.

Clutch Cover

The clutch cover is also known as the pressure plate.

15344.jpg#Aisin brand cover

C0210-H3120 Clutch Cover $112.63 USD
* supercedes all previous A-series covers

The new cover replaces all prior, and is heavy duty enough for A14/A15. Unfortunately, they no longer offer the Datsun 1200-spec cover (pressure plate) for easy clutch operation.

As with Nissan, aftermarket clutches are heavier duty, requiring increased pedal effort.

Type: C180S (for A12,A13,A14,A15,A12A except FWD)
* Also fits E13,E15S,E16,CD17 FWD to 1986, including N10 310/Pulsar and B11 Sentra/Sunny
Clamping Force
* Datsun 1000: 320kg
* Datsun 1200: ? pounds
* B210 A12: 616 pounds
* B210 A13: 694 pounds
* B210 A14: 794 pounds
* B310 A12A: 573-684 pounds
* B310 14/A15: 739-849 pounds

Tightening Torque

Clutch Release Bearing

Pilot Bushing

Alignment Tool

A clutch alignment tool is a must if you want the transmission to slide right onto the engine with no hassles.

Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit (Clutch Set) includes a clutch #Disk, #Clutch Cover and Release Bearing. Sometimes you get the Pilot Bushing and an alignment tool.

O'Reilly Auto
* Sachs KF537-01 $90 USD
* Beck/Arnley 061-9114 
* Exedy NSD029U
* Exedy NSC507
* Exedy 06001
* 180mm Diameter (7-1/8" Diameter); 18 Splines, 13/16"
* BECK/ARNLEY 0619114 $78.89
* ACDELCO 381622,88989662, 88989662 $83.79
* RHINO PAC 06001

15348.jpgAlbum 15348 15347.jpgAlbum 15347 15346.jpgAlbum 15346 15345.jpgAlbum 15345 15344.jpgAlbum 15344 15342.jpgAlbum 15342


Details are also in the Datsun 1200 Factory Service Manual or any Repair manual (e.g. Gregory's, etc).


Rubber Parts

See also: Shifter#Boots

Clutch Lever Boots

RHD 30542-H1000
RHD 30543-H1000 BOOT-rubber, transmission case
* May fit B310 and 720
30543-H1600 BOOT-RUBBER (LHD)


clutch_dust_boot.jpg 22787.jpgAlbum 22787 10769.jpgAlbum 10769 14710.jpgAlbum 14710 23178.jpgAlbum 23178

B310 RHD 30542-H7400
30542-H7400.jpg 30542-H7400_a.jpg

Rear Engine Plate

3.5mm rear engine plate (between engine and transmission), used by some (but not all) A-series engines
21463.jpgAlbum 21463

The plate is only used by certain combinations, for example with a short transmission (56A or 60-series) and short Release Bearing sleeve.

The plate is in no way required. It can help with NVH, but it is not needed. E.g. you can use a long bearing sleeve with the 56A and leave the plate off. For more details see Release Bearing Sleeve.

  • B110 - not used with 3-speed or 56L 4-speed
  • B110 - 56A 5-speed uses plate
  • B120 - early, no plate used (through '73-8)
  • B120 - from '73-9 plate used with LB, but not Short Body
  • B210 - 30411-H5001 < 30411-H5000
  • B310 - plate used
  • 30411-H5000 PLATE-engine rear B110 GX-5
  • 30411-H5000 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B120 SB (from '73-9)
  • 30411-H5001 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B120 SB (from '73-12)
    20532.jpgAlbum 20532
  • 30411-H5001 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B210 A12 JDM 1973-1974
  • 30411-H8200 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B210 A14,A12 JDM 1975-1977
  • 30411-H5000 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B210 A13 USA -1173
  • 30411-H5001 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B210 A13 USA 1273-0874
    28764.jpgAlbum 28764
  • 30411-H5001 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B210 A14 USA 0974-
  • 30411-H8200 PLATE-ENGINE REAR B310

リア プレート

RHD Clutch Cable

See main article: Clutch Cable

20434.jpg 23059.jpg 19050.jpg

Performance Clutches

Centerforce (USA)
* CF420507 (USA) 
Sprung Hub Clutch Disc
* N/A280 15798 3-button EZ-Lock (racing only)
* N/A164 16819 4-button EZ-Lock (racing only)
* N/A207 17840 6-button EZ-Lock (racing only)
** heavy duty clutch disc for street racing
*  N/A171 9666 Organic "SMOOTH LOCK" MARCEL $145 USD
** where a clutch discs exceeding OEM specification is required
Solid Hub Clutch Disc
* 7000 6999CR 12735 3-button Quick Lock (drag race only) $83 USD
* 7020CR 16819 4-button Quick Lock (racing only, allows slipping)
** Fiber Carbon clutch disc that can replace the stock disc 
** can be used with stock pressure plate. 
* 7020Y 7618 Fiber Carbon clutch disc with solid hub
** High Peformance: fast starts and high RPM
** Fiber Carbon clutch disc that can replace the stock disc 
** can be used with stock pressure plate. 
* 7040CR 14777 6-button Quick Lock (racing only)
* 7040Y 8642 STREET/STRIP "KEVLAR" (racing only)
* 7040G 2670 STREET/STRIP "KEVLAR" (racing only)
* 7140 
* 7120 
* 6999G 632 Organic "CUSH LOCK" MARCEL $85 USD
** Slalom, Solo I, mini-stock, and rallying
** Street

Nissan Competition

1970 B110 Sport Option Parts
1271.jpgAlbum 1271
* 30100-H5000 DISC ASS'Y-clutch [later used as stock B210 item]
* 30210-H5220? COVER ASS'Y-clutch (420KG?)
1998 Nismo Catalogue
* 30100-RN185 Disc Clutch 180  20x18T ノンアス 047 
* 30100-RS200 Disc Clutch 180  20x18T Ceramic Type B [Tri-lobe] 
** 22,000 Yen at Pitroad
* 30100-RS250 Disc Clutch 180  20x18T Ceramic Type A [Full Disk] 
* 30210-RS100 Clutch Cover 550 Kgf 
** 19,900 Yen at Pitroad
Nismo 30100-RS250
22576.jpgAlbum 22576
1984 Nissan Competition Catalog
* 30210-H5220 420KG (926 lbs) NISMO HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRESSURE PLATE for A12, A12A
* 30210-A1200 550KG (1213 lbs) NISMO HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRESSURE PLATE for A14, A15
** Must be used with 99996-H1041 FLYWHEEL. For racing purposes only

OEM Upgrades

March Turbo ?
200mm clutch
1 Get your A-series flywheel re-machined to take a 200mm E15ET/L16/CA16DE pressure plate
  Obtain "heavy duty" version of the pressure plate
2 Use a stock Nissan Pulsar EXA 18-tooth 200mm disc for E15ET
190mm 18T
* 30100-52A00 1986 18T Sentra B12 with E16 engine 190TBL A50
* 30100-52A01 
* 30100-52A02 1987 Sentra B12 190TBL A50Z2
* 30100-52A03 1988 Sentra B12 190TBL AA61Z2
* 30100-47A01
* C0100-47AX1
* C0100-19000
200mm x 130mm 18T x 20.6 mm
* 30100-10M01 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH 1983 N12 Nissan Pulsar NX E15ET.MT.F5
** Exedy 06007
** Rhinopac 06007 
** Sachs KF58702 
** Brute Power/Perfection 92048B (MU475871)
** ACDelco 381655 (88989695, 19182651, 88989695) KIT
* 30100-56A00 1984 N12 Nissan Pulsar NX E15ET.MT.F5 HA605A+IK24
* 30100-56A10 0986-1086 KN13 CA16D 200TBL H815Z2
* 30100-56A11 1086-0187 KN13 CA16D 200TBL H815Z2
* 30100-56A12 0187-0687 KN13 CA16D 200TBL
* 30100-56A13 0687-0887 KN13 CA16D 200TBL
* 30100-70A60 1987 B12 4WD.E16I 200TBL H815Z2
* C010M-20086
* C0100-20010
* C0100-06E00
200mm x 130mm 18T x 21mm
* 30100-70A10 1987 Sentra B12 4WD E16 200TBL H815Z2
* 30100-70A11 1988 Sentra B12 4WD E16 200TBL H815Z2
* 30100-70A60 1987 B12 4WD.E16I 200TBL H815Z2
* C010M-20086 
* C010M-20010 
* C010M-06E00

Part Numbers

Disc Part Numbers

Original Nissan Part numbers.

* 30100-H1001 ASS'Y-DISC, clutch (AKEBONO-A50)
* 30100-H1002 ASS'Y-DISC, clutch (ATSUGI-HT50-17)
* 30100-H1003 ASS'Y-DISC, clutch (to '73-8) B120
* 30100-H5001 ASS'Y-DISC, clutch (from '73-9) B120
* 30100-H1004 ASS'Y-DISC, clutch (HT50S-17)
* C010M-C9900VW Clutch Disc $92.83 USD
** superceded 30100-H5000, 30100-H5001, 30100-H5200, 30100-H8900
** 30100-H5000 DISC ASS'Y, clutch (HT50S) B210 A12
** 30100-H5001 DISC ASS'Y, clutch (A50) B210 A12
** 30100-H5001 ASSY-DISC CLUTCH (180CBL A50) -0374 B210 A13
** 30100-H5200 ASSY-DISC CLUTCH (C180 CBL, H-PA) FOR SE 0474- B210 A14, LATE A13
** 30100-H8900 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL H-PA B310
*** superceded 30100-H5200
** 30100-H5000 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL H-PA 0879- B310 A12
** 30100-H5001 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL A50 0879- B310 A14,A15
** 30100-H5000 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL HT50S-17) A12S,A13S B310 JDM
** 30100-H5001 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL A50) A14S B310 JDM
** 30100-H5200 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL) MT -7905 B310 JDM
** 30100-H8900 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH (180CBL HA605) 7906- S,K.A14.MT, V.A14S+A15.MT B310 JDM
* 30100-H5001 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH 180CBL A50 7510-8408 B120
* 30100-G2600 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH 8409-8701 B120
* 30100-G1901 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH 8701-8712 B120
* 30100-G1902 DISC ASSY-CLUTCH 8712- B120
* 30100-G1908
* C010M-18085
* C0100-50A00
* C0100-50A01

Cover Part Numbers

25444.jpgAlbum 25444
* 30210-H1001 ASS'Y-COVER, clutch (ATSUGI)
* 30210-H1002 ASS'Y-COVER, clutch (ATSUGI)
* 30210-H1003 COVER ASS'Y-clutch (ATSUGI)
* 30210-H6200 ASSY-COVER CLUTCH -1073 B210 with A13 [694 pounds]
* C0210-H3120 Clutch Cover $112.63 USD
** superceded 30210-H3122
** superceded 30210-H3121
** superceded C0210-H3122
** superceded C0210-H3120
** superceded 30210-H5000, 30210-G1002, 30210-N1600
** 30210-H5000 COVER ASS'Y-clutch (ATSUGI) (from '72-11)
** 30210-H5000 COVER ASS'Y-clutch (ATSUGI) B210 with A12
** 30210-G1002 ASSY-COVER CLUTCH (C-180S 315K 1173-0874 B210 with A14 [794 pounds]
** 30210-N1600 ASSY-COVER CLUTCH (C-180S 360K -0974 B210 with A14
** 30210-H5000 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH CAN,A12 1278- B310,
** 30210-H5000 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH USA,A12 0879- B310
** 30210-N1600 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH MANUAL(A14,A15) B310 USA
** 30210-H5000 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH A12.MT,A12S,A13S (C180S 280KG) B310 JDM
** 30210-N1600 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH A14.MT,V.A14S+A15.MT (C180S 360KG) B310 JDM
* 30210-G1001 COVER ASS'Y-clutch (to '72-10) B120 
** replaced 30210-G1000 COVER ASS'Y-clutch B120
* 30210-G1002 COVER ASS'Y-clutch (from '72-11) B120
* 30210-H5000 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH C180S 250KG 7510-8903 B120
* 30210-H5005 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH 8903-9307 B120
* 30210-H5004 COVER ASSY-CLUTCH 9307- B120
25443.jpgAlbum 25443

d63755904pubvan-img600x450-11526-2.jpg d63755904pubvan-img600x450-11526-1.jpg d63755904pubvan-img600x450-11526300.jpg


- Same as L20B, Z-series, SD-series, E-series, CA-series

* 30223-E4100 SCREW-cap. clutch cover to flywheel (6) $4.87 USD
** USA supercedes 01121-00402
** JDM supercedes 30223-E4100
* 01121-00772 BOLT 8504- B120
* 08915-23810 WASHER-lock

SR20 clutch mod

17505.jpgAlbum 17505 17506.jpgAlbum 17506

Small Clutch

21905.jpgAlbum 21905 21903.jpgAlbum click to view

5326.jpgAlbum 5326 4890.jpgAlbum 4890

L-series clutch on A-series flywheel

There is enough room on the A-series flywheel to machine it for the medium-size (200mm) Nissan clutch, such as E15ET or L16 engine. Some of these clutches have more clamping force than an A14 clutch. While the larger diameter makes them handle more torque, it's a small increase (around 8%) -- if the same clutch disc materials and same clamping force are used.

        180mm         200mm
radius  180x125 i.d.  200x130 i.d.
mean R  305/2         330/2
torque  1.00          1.08

Because of this low factor, only high KG pressure plates are worth using. Otherwise, just use a stock A14/A15 clutch, which is 361kg, or the #Nismo A-series clutch (550kg).

200mm clutch cover (pressure plate)
* 1982-1986 Nissan Pulsar NX/EXA Turbo with E15ET engine
    Exedy NSC511 Rockauto CA16DE, CA20E, GA16I, Z20E, E15ET, L18/L20B
* 1968-1970 Datsun Roadster
    S311 (2000) Exedy 06025 650kg (high clamping force, stiff pedal)
    S310 (1600) Exedy 06020 390kg
* L16/L18/L20B cars (510,610,710,A10) + 521 truck
  factory ratings:
    P510     350kg
    710.L20B 450kg
    A14/A15  361kg (for comparison)
  S10 (1977-1978 200SX) is also 200mm but differs in height
  NOTE: 620/720 trucks used a larger clutch
  NOTE: L14 uses 180mm clutch, same size as A-series

Use the N12 Pulsar E15ET turbo clutch disk, which will fit the 56/60 series gearboxes.

* Diameter: 200mm

Datsun 510 (1600) clutch disc (200mm) fits gearboxes with a larger input shaft such as the 63-series 5-speed:

* Datsun 510 "1600" with L16
* Datsun 610 "180B" with L18
* Datsun A10 "510" with L20B

Also see: #OEM Upgrades

22568.jpgAlbum 22568 22569.jpgAlbum 22569

200mm 4AGE clutch on A-series flywheel - POST Slips under 15psi boost in higher gears
21562.jpgAlbum 21562

200mm Exedy pink (heavy duty) clutch - stiff pedal but no slip under boost!
2012_4bbfd6cc54b02.jpgPost 311465

SR20 Clutch on A-series Flywheel

For high torque engines, the SR clutch is much better than L-series clutch. 215mm diameter. Not so good for acceleration (bigger clutch = heavier = slower acceleration). Flywheel#Lightening can help make up the difference.

13201.jpgAlbum 13201 13202.jpgAlbum 13202 13203.jpgAlbum 13203 13204.jpgAlbum 13204 13205.jpgAlbum 13205 13206.jpgAlbum 13206


This is why a scattershield or blanket is required for the faster drag racing classes
13323.jpgAlbum 13323 13324.jpgAlbum 13324 13325.jpgAlbum 13325 13326.jpgAlbum 13326 

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