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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hitachi Twin Carb Air Cleaners

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Hitachi Twin Carb

With an Hitachi Twin Carb (GX-style) engine a RHD car there is clearance aplenty to fit air cleaners. But on a LHD car fitting an air cleaner it a bit tricky because the brake and clutch cylinders are on the left side. But the Twin Hitachis are more easily fitted to LHD 1200 than a twin-Weber setup.



GX air cleaner service both of the twin carburetors
18250.jpgAlbum 18250

GX air cleaners are different from 510 SSS Twin Carb, and take a thinner filter element.

The GX cleaner has a long snout and was red. A12T cleaner was blue, and A14T has a six-sided oval shape.

#GX A12 - red
#Cherry A12T - round or oval with round inside
18929.jpg 20805.jpg
#PB110 L14T blue or red, single-hose air cleaner with Idle Compensator

#A12T B210 - blue
#A14T - 6-sided oval


A-series 54mm tall 300mm long
L-series 60mm tall 323mm long


All A-series twin-carb (GX, A12T, A14T) used the same filter element:

Overall size 30cm x 15cm x 5.4cm
center hole 24cm x 9.3cm


Datsun Sunny Excellent PB110 GX was fitted with a twin-carb L14 engine. The L-series engines (PB110,PB210) used same as 510 (from 1969) and 610/710 and Europe 910K SSS

Nissan 16546-22000 Element
Subaru 16546-22000 Element
Overall size 323mm x 151mm x 60mm
Center hole 264mm x92mm
Quinton Hazell QAF68
Unifilter UL324-60ST
Fram CA2710
Ryco A257
Fram LA-269V / CA-2710
* Bluebird SSS P510/K610 '70~
* Sunny Excellent GX PB110 '71~
* Violet 1600 SSS P710 '73~

16546-22000-1.jpg 16546-22000-2.jpg 16546-22000-3.jpg


GX cleaner was red, and had a single small hose connection -- for the crankcase breather.

GXAC-1.jpg GXAC-2.jpg GXAC-3.jpg

Red - A12GX
Red_air_cleaner-1.jpg Red_air_cleaner-2.jpg

013-01.jpg acr-1.jpg acr-2.jpg acr-3.jpg 13428.jpgAlbum 13428 18247.jpgAlbum 18247 Y1696_4.jpg

custom-painted black air cleaner
26744.jpgAlbum 26744


B210 A12T cleaner was blue (early ones may have been red). It differs from the GX cleaner by having several small hose connections.

* inner EVAP lines
* Idle Compensator
* Larger IMS hose

Blue - A12T
blue_air_Cleaner-2.jpg blue_air_Cleaner-1.jpg

A12T_air_cleaner_stack.jpg A12T_air_cleaner_fitting.jpg A12T_air_cleaner.jpg

Hot air OPTION
A12T_air_cleaner_HOT.jpg A12T_air_cleaner_HOT_stack.jpg


The A14T air cleaner has triangular bolt-pattern on the carburetor side.

A14T parts
15675.jpgAlbum 15675

SU-A14T-3.jpg SU-A14T-2.jpg

Tell-tale six-sided shape
13673.jpgAlbum 13673 13674.jpgAlbum 13674 13675.jpgAlbum 13675

This one is custom-painted red, and with a custom dual-solex bottom
ac-1.jpg ac-2.jpg ac-3.jpg


B110 L14 engine Sunny Excellent 1400 had a single-hose air cleaner. It also uses an Idle Compensator.

Early style: 16500-H2700 up to '71-9
7714.jpgAlbum 7714

Early? Painted red.
acb-1.jpg acb-2.jpg acb-3.jpg

Late Style 16500-H2710 from '71-10 (kidney-bean shape) see blog
3375.jpgAlbum 3375 img_958563_14330428_0.jpg img_958563_14330428_2.jpg img_958563_14330428_1.jpg img_958563_13504444_2.jpg img_958563_13504444_1.jpg


Sunny Excellent 1400 B210 used the kidney-bean shaped air cleaner with no hot air option.

16500-H6003 Cleaner
16500-H6004 from '73-9
16500-H6005 from '74-12
16500-H6006 from '75-8

Air Horns

Stock GX air cleaner utilizes air horns built into the air cleaner.

Air Horns, taken from air cleaner, can be used on their own
13044.jpgAlbum 13044 14078.jpgAlbum 14078

Long horns
8102.jpgAlbum 8102 18076.jpgAlbum 18076

Custom Air Cleaner

229.jpgAlbum 229

1565.jpgAlbum 1565 1567.jpgAlbum 1567 1568.jpgAlbum 1568


Datsfullysik created this nice air cleaner from modern parts.

* Valvoline VA61 air filter
* TFI air filter adapter
* bracket (could use plumbers strapping)
* hose and clampes

12635.jpgAlbum click to view 12636.jpgAlbum click to view 12637.jpgAlbum click to view 12682.jpgAlbum click to view 12683.jpgAlbum click to view 12684.jpgAlbum click to view 12694.jpgAlbum click to view 12695.jpgAlbum click to view 12696.jpgAlbum click to view


E10 Cherry X-1 models carried the A12T Hitachi Twin Carb engine (2-dr, 4-dr, and coupe).

Twin round air cleaners come from the Nissan Cherry A12T engine.
18253.jpgAlbum 18253 18929.jpgAlbum 18929 18930.jpgAlbum 18930 18931.jpgAlbum 18931

Nissan Cherry as also fitted with twin-carb optional single air cleaner. Inside the housing fit two round filter elements. You can see two round sections on top and a slanted section giving it a kidney-bean shape.
20805.jpgAlbum 20805 20806.jpgAlbum 20806 4522.jpgAlbum 4522

16500-M0303 Cleaner-front
16500-M0804 from '73-9
16500-M0808 Cleaner-rear
Hot Air OPTION from 1973 - single housing
16500-M0810 Cleaner (op.)
16500-M0830 from '73-3
* Has twin round sections
16546-M0800 Element [round]
16546-M0810 Element [round, for single cleaner]

Cherry air cleaners can be used in the B110 (see blog)
19110.jpgAlbum 19110 img_540855_4265679_6.jpg

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