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Category: Transmission

The F5C56 is a 5-speed transmission used in the 1972 Datsun 1200 GX5, and also in 1973-1975 A12-powered Datsun B210s. All version are marked '56A' on the side of the case although the factory parts catalog C-260 says 'F5C56'.


Dogleg Shifter

The 56-series five speed is a Dogleg shifter:
   10121.jpg dogleg
Why a dogleg pattern? In racing, 1st isn't used much, but the 2-3 shift needs to be quick.

NOTE that 60L and 63A A-series 5-speeds are also doglegs, but are overdrive transmissions. F5C56 is the only non-overdrive type.


The 56-series transmission came factory stock in Datsun 1200 GX-5 models and in B210 JDM. They were also sold by Datsun Competition. This means they are very rare and hence expensive.

26366.jpgAlbum 26366 26660.jpgAlbum 26660

The B210 version 5-speed (for A12T) used an engine plate instead of a simple dust cover. See Engine Plate

The advantages of the 56 over other 5-speeds is:

  • It is non-overdrive, and hence desirable for certain types of racing
  • It is a dogleg shifter (as is the 63A and 60L for A-series engine) for quicker 2nd-3rd shifts
  • It is lighter, aiding acceleration
  • It is smaller, fitting perfectly into the tunnel
  • It bolts into any Datsun 1200 using factory parts. The other 5-speeds need slight modifications

These boxes don't have a great reputation for strength behind the A14 or A15 motors, but are excellent behind an A12. They are marginally OK for use with A13, although the TS racers had to treat them with great care. NOTE they do fit the smaller tunnels in the Datsun 1000.

The 'standard' Datsun 1200 competition engine used a 76mm bore yeilding 1270cc This is the standard [short stroke] A13 dimension & capacity. Serious competition engines ran even larger bores with capacities only a few cc's under 1300. The Option 1 five speed was the recomended transmission behind these factory spec race engines. Source. Datsun B110 Competition Tune Up Manual, 1974

The #Gearbox Crossmember is slightly different from the 4-speed crossmember.

Reverse gear is the only moveable gear in a 56-series gearbox -- it slides back and forth to engage or disengage.
26336.jpgAlbum 26336

4777.jpgAlbum 4777

Rear-pointing Reverse Switch is a tell-tale sign of the F5C56
174_5c498adbb793d.jpgPost 490421 26662.jpgAlbum 26662

clutch hole: B210 angular | B110 Reverse-shape
26735.jpgAlbum 26735 26663.jpgAlbum 26663

B110 small hole, B210 large hole
19047.jpgAlbum 19047 174_5c498855215c2.jpgPost 490421

4-speed vs 5-speed

Look for '56A' on the right side of the box. This IDs 56-series 4-speed or 5-speed
174_5c498aa831b2b.jpgPost 490421

The most sure-fire IDs for the 5-speed:

  • The top case bolts are long (2-3" long)

14713.jpgAlbum 14713

  • Reverse gear detent plug in on left side
  • Reverse light switch on top, pointing straight back

14709.jpgAlbum 14709

  • Drain plug straight down

5-speeds are RHD only (clutch hole on right-side, and right-side cutout for clutch lever). 4-speeds are available RHD or LHD.

Right side: 4-speed vs 5-speed (pink arrows point to Reverse Switch)
19048.jpgAlbum 19048

Blue arrows point to shifter interlock bolts, which are on different sides (4-speed vs 5-speed).

Left side: 5-speed vs 4-speed (notice length of bolts marked in yellow)
19049.jpgAlbum 19049

Question: isn't it the best way to know if it is a 5-speed is to mover the shifter knob into the "fifth gear" position?

Answer: This has mislead many a buyer. Many a 4-speed appears to shift into a 5th position but there's nothing there... One method to determine if a 56A gearbox is a five speed is to move the lever to the left. If a spring detent is felt, then press against it, overcoming its resistance, & move the lever forward. Turn the input shaft by hand & the output shaft should rotate in the opposite direction. If it does, then it's a 5 speed.

56 5-speed swap Notes


To fit the 56-series 5-speed,the 4-speed FS4W56 Gearbox Crossmember can be used with 20 mm spacers between the body mount and the crossmember.

POST b310gx: I always used the standard transmission mount, maybe with a few spacer washers to lower it off the floor. Hope this helps you out.

Buy from Pitroad

B110 4-speed crossmember converted for F5C56A usage
25666.jpgAlbum 25666

B310 Sunny 56-series 4-speed crossmember with spacers for F5C56A usage (for use in B310)
25667.jpgAlbum 25667

ミッション メンバー

Factory Crossmember

1984 Nissan Competition Catalog:

When installing the F5C56A 5-speed transmission in the 1200, B210 or 210 models an alternate transmission mount, insulator and stopper must be obtained. The 210 mount requires 20mm/.787" spacers for correct driveline alignment.

* 11322-H7201 1200 TRANSMISSION MOUNT
* 11341-H8500 210 [B310] TRANSMISSION MOUNT (requires 20mm spacers)
* 11321-H1000 INSULATOR
* 11323-H7200 STOPPER

56 Rear Engine Mount (Transmission Mount)
26736.jpgAlbum 26736 4647.jpgAlbum 4647

Mount: (1) two bolts (2) two bolts
TM-04_TM-8.jpg 26737.jpgAlbum 26737

Drain Plug

The original drain plug for the GX-5 gearbox was a taper-thread plug as expected, but with a hex-head instead of the more common square-headed plug.
174_5c498864323e8.jpgPost 490421 26901.jpgAlbum 26901

Because it goes in the adapter plate, if tightened "normally" the adapter will crack (hence why it is called the fragile "glass transmission").
26900.jpgAlbum 26900

08931-44210 PLUG-drain 5 speed
breakdown per (NES)
08          Nissan Engineering Section
  931       Plug, threaded, hex head taper thread
     44     14mm threads
       21   unspecified
         10 surface not processed

Gear Ratios


B210 Version

1973-1975 B210 with twin carbs and 5-speed (B210GFK) was the only model to use the F5C56 gearbox. It was available in Coupe or Sedan.

Differences from B110 gearbox
C-260 B210 part catalog 1976-11
(all other parts are same as B110 -- see Transmission_Case_Part_Numbers)
TRANSMISSION (5 speed, F5C56)
32010-H5250 TRANSMISSION ASS'Y (17/5)
32010-H5252 * TRANSMISSION ASS'Y (17/5) (from '73-10) > 32010-H5250
32010-H5251 TRANSMISSION ASS'Y (18/5) (ラヅアル タイヤ?? radial tyre)
32010-H5253 * TRANSMISSION ASS'Y (18/5) (           ) > 32010-H5251
32100-H5035 CASE COMP.-transmission
32100-H5030 * CASE COMP.-transmission (from '75-3) > 32100-H5035
00933-11400 PLUG-welch T/M case (2)
[not listed: *32150-H5000 RETAINER-oil]
38322-H7200 BREATHER ASS'Y
32703-H1000 PINION ASS'Y-speedometer (18T) (ラヅアル タイヤ 付? radial tyre)
30501-H5000 SLEEVE-bearing clutch release
32816-H5200 ROD-fork, reverse & 1st (from '73-10) <set 1> 32816-H7200
32813-H5200 BRACKET-rod fork 2nd & 3rd (from '73-10) <set 2> 32813-H7200
Set 1 とセットで???
  32865-N5102 or 32865-N5103
Set 2
  32865-N5102 or 32865-N5103


Shift lever, bushings, etc. are the same B110 vs. B210. However B210 had an additional leather-like knob option.

B110 5-speed
32865-H7200 KNOB-control lever
B210 F5C56
32865-H7200 KNOB-control lever (木木目 wood grain)
32865-N5103 KNOB-control lever (木木目 wood grain) (from '73-10) <x> 32865-H7200
32865-H5700 KNOB-control lever (皮??)
32865-N5102 KNOB-control lever (皮??) (from '73-10) <x> 32865-H5700 

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