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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

5-speed Identification

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Transmission

Gearbox Swaps
 Types: 56 | 60 | 63 | 71 | 90 | R30 
 Transmission Swaps
 5-Speeds | F5C56A | Stumpy
 Toyota 5-speed
 Manual/Auto conversion
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To identify a 5-speed transmission, look for the series casting mark (56, 56A, 60, 63) on the left side of the gearbox.


Casting Mark

The series casting mark is on the right side of the gearboxes.

60 series has it on the lower right side in front of the center plate
22342.jpgAlbum 22342 1883.jpgAlbum 1883

56 series 5-speed has it right side about center
1680.jpgAlbum 1680

56 series 4-speed has it forward of center
4658.jpgAlbum 4658

63A has it on the lower right side of the extension housing
22338.jpgAlbum 22338

Ribbed-case vs Smooth-case

56-series trannies are small and light, and have these visible ribs on the case and bell section. By contrast, 60-series and 63-series are "smooth case" transmission with no ribs on the bellhousing area.

56 four-speed | 5-speed
1662.jpgAlbum 1662 1675.jpgAlbum 1675

Smooth Case 56

There are some rare smooth-case 56-series gearboxes. It is unknown what these are out of.

19710.jpgAlbum 19710

Compare to 63-series, which has a rib around the middle section:
1278.jpgAlbum 1278

Compare to 60-series, which has a ring around the engine flange area:
1676.jpgAlbum 1676

60 vs 56

56 & 60 comparo. Size=similar & shape=similar. Ribbing very different
945.jpgAlbum 945 1674.jpgAlbum 1674

* POST what gearbox is it?
* POST Dog Leg Gear Boxes

60L vs 60A

F5W60A and F5W60L Comparison

NOTE: -L and -A do not indicate the engine type

The FS5W60L is known in Japan the "low-back 5-speed" and came in the early B310 Sunny, and 1979 model year USA B310.

reference: Iruka, Sunnytruck
1676.jpgAlbum 1676 13616.jpgAlbum 13616

Identification: "FS5W60L" 5-speed 1977-1979 Datsun B310 (210/Sunny)

  • Oil plug out the back is 60L (not pointing down like 60A)
  • H90 part prefix (cast into cluster plate) is unique to this transmission
  • 60L in right-and-up position is Direct (4th) per dogleg shifter. Whereas in the 60A this same position is 5th.
  • 60L has no boss sticking out the right side of the back, whereas the 60A has it (up high).

Unique double-gear cluster gear in extension housing is 60L
13609.jpgAlbum 13609

who_your_datty_1200 pointed out that the #2 casting mark on the back is an indicator of the dogleg shift pattern. However this might be gear options -- technically it is the casting revision.
6942.jpgAlbum 6942

63-series 5-speed

This is the FS5W63A "dogleg" transmission. Note the casting line "ring" around the center section on the otherwise smooth housing.
1278.jpgAlbum 1278 4649.jpgAlbum 4649

The 63 transmission came with A14-powered B210 (HB211 and HLB210). It was not used by Nissan Competition for racing. Instead the 56-series was recommended for the small cars, and the 71 for the larger cars.
13612.jpgAlbum 13612

B211.A14 JAPAN 7510- FS5W63A

Top: 63 'big boy', Bottom: 60 series
13615.jpgAlbum 13615

The 1977-1978 USA got B210s with factory 5-speed transmissions, enabling it to be the 1976 fuel economy champion in the USA
1661.jpgAlbum 1661

953.jpgAlbum 953 955.jpgAlbum 955

954.jpgAlbum 954

63 series L-engine vs A-engine

63 series gearboxes speeds were available for A14 engines and for L-series engines, Z-series engines and J-series engine. So be careful to match the bell pattern and make sure the one you buy fits the A-series.

4-speed vs 5-speed, 63 Series

If you see the pan bolted to the bottom (kindof like an automatic), it's a 4-speed

17431.jpgAlbum 17431

4-speed vs 5-speed, 60 Series

Make sure you don't purchase a 4-speed by accident :-) they are very similar looking.

60L 5-speed

Left side: Almost identical
23637.jpgAlbum 23637

Right side: Bulge in tailhousing is larger
23636.jpgAlbum 23636 13617.jpgAlbum 13617

22337.jpgAlbum 22337

60A 5-speed

From the left side, the difference is less obvious. But you can still see the bulge in the extension housing for the 5th gear.

Left side. Top: 60L 4-speed | Bottom: 60A 5-speed
22339.jpgAlbum 22339

4-speed vs 5-speed, 56 Series

The 5-speed:

  • top two case bolts are long (2-3" long)
  • has a reverse light switch on top, pointing straight back

19048.jpgAlbum 19048

R vs F Comparo

Vanette "Remote" shift transmission could be used for parts to repair an "F" Floor shift 60A.

4650.jpgAlbum 4650 

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