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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Chassis numbers

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Category: General Information

The B110 chassis number is stamped on the cowl and on the engine-compartment plate.

See Nissan chassis codes for explanation of model numbers.



MODEL NO. PLATE/TYPE PLATE/CAR NUMBER PLATE is attached to the hood ledge or the firewall
174_5d40897c492f8.jpgPost 492035
モデルNo.プレート表示 Model Number Plate display

Engine numbers should match the Plate. Engine numbers are here (right side of block, near back just under cylinder head):
770.jpgAlbum 770
エンジン番号表示 Engine Number Display

取付および打刻位置 Installation and embossing position
Car Number (car identification number)
28260.jpgAlbum 28260
174_619d5b69b2f3b.jpgPost 496244

Model Number Plate

Custom plate
3187.jpgAlbum click to view

1981-up Model Plate

Vehicles sold in USA — starting with Model year 1981 — changed to a more detailed international VIN plate.

Main: VIN

In October 1981 Japan domestic market started using a more detailed caution plate: 21048.jpgAlbum 21048

L-: L-level emissions (1981 Oct - 1989 Oct)
G: Long Wheelbase
Model: B122 [Sunny Truck]
T: 4-speed
Color: 002 White
トリム Trim: C 
Engine: A12 gasoline engine
S: Single carburetor
Axle: HC41 H165 4.10 ratio
Plant 4: Aichi Machine

Door Build Plate

1987 Nissan 1200 truck LHD
174_5bc0f5a5a592d.jpgPost 489658

North America had a dated #FMVSS Build Plate


Japan assembled B120
11209_4b88cf8fce523.jpgUpload click to view

See main article: Australian-assembled

15403.jpgAlbum 15403

12780.jpgAlbum 12780

ADR Mod Plate
22393.jpgAlbum 22393

ADR compliance plate - B120
12779.jpgAlbum 12779

ADR compliance plate - B310

Show plates by datskool
datskool_pty.jpg datskool_B110.jpg 9665_50b8787b7f4b1.jpgPost 424306


コーション プレート Caution Plate
モデルNo.プレート 表示 Model Number Plate

ダットサン B110型  
気筒容積 1171 cc
最高馬力/回転数 56PS/6000 RPM
軸間距離 2300 mm
?関型式 A12
車台番号 B110-xxxxx
保安基準適合 x-x
DATSUN B110 type
cylinder volume 1171 cc
Maximum horsepower 68PS/6000RPM
Wheelbase 2300mm
engine model A12
chassis number B110-xxxxxx
safety standard x-x
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

4-10 (unknown number)
27617.jpgAlbum 27617

保安基準適合 7-1 (Safety Standard 7-1)
ID_1970-a.jpg ID_1970-b.jpg

Conforms to Safety Standard 5-6
12226.jpgAlbum 12226

Horsepower: 68 PS, Torque: 5.6 Safety Standard
13666.jpgAlbum 13666

GX: Horsepower: 83 PS, Torque: 7.1 Newton Meters
19810.jpgAlbum 19810


PB110 95 PS 1428cc 保安基準適合 7-1 (twin carburetor engine)
174_5d571fb57619f.jpgPost 492280

PB110 85 PS 1428cc (single carburetor engine)
174_65ad928fc0946.jpgPost 498203


B120-066350 - 68 PS 保安基準適合 8-4
24031.jpgAlbum 24031

1975 GB120 - 68 PS 保安基準適合 0-4 [Safety Requirements]

H-GB120 68 PS 保安基準適合 0-12 [Safety Requirements]
131127: 1978 April - 1979 July

#New Type B120
23169.jpgAlbum 23169


27969.jpgAlbum 27969

New Type

Beginning October 1979, plate includes model subtypes and trim codes

L-GB122-023187 (1984 November), Plant 4 Aichi Machine
23169.jpgAlbum 23169

25511.jpgAlbum 25511


B310 with A12A
25509.jpgAlbum 25509 25510.jpgAlbum 25510


23429.jpgAlbum 23429

New Zealand

Nissan Motor Distributors (N.Z.) Ltd.
22403.jpgAlbum 22403

In addition to regular Nissan plates, Land Transport NZ (formerly Land Transport Safety Authority) may add a "Low Volume Vehicle Certification Plate":
16899.jpgAlbum 16899
Brought to you by the Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association

Warranty Of Fitness (W.O.F.)
22401.jpgAlbum 22401

South Africa

140Z (a version of the KPB210)
11952.jpgAlbum 11952

1400 B140 model 408 (1400 Standard)
26694.jpgAlbum 26694

ISO 3779 VIN (17-digit) has been used since 1996.9

ADN Nissan South Africa
   408000 Company-specific code
         0A425O67 sequential
26696.jpgAlbum 26696

2007-2008 plates had two sets of mounting holes, as did some earlier 2004-up.

2008 model B01 Nissan Champ
28346.jpgAlbum 28346
VIN &ADNB010000A040858& [ADN = Nissan South Africa]
MODEL B0102624413 [B01 = 1400 Champ]
GVM/BYM 1360
V 1360 [maximum Vehicle mass]
D/T 1750 [permissible maximum drawing vehicle mass]
T 772 [Tare weight (unladen weight)]
GCM 1750
PD 47.00 [kW]
GA/BA 575 [Gross Axle mass]
GA/BA 921
GAU/BAE GAU/GAE [Gross Axle Unit mass]
A 560 A 800 [maximum Axle mass]
AU/AE AU/AE [maximum Axle Unit mass]
2007 model 408 Nissan Standard
28347.jpgAlbum 28347
GVM 1349 Gross Vehicle Mass
V   1349 Vehicle maximum mass
T    758 Tare weight
PD  0047 (47kW)
GAU  560 FRONT Gross Axle-Unit
GAU  915 REAR  Gross Axle-Unit
AU   549 FRONT
AU   800 REAR
2008 47.10 kW (also seen on some 2005-2007)
28349.jpgAlbum 28349
1997 Nissan 1400 Champ
28348.jpgAlbum 28348
NO. 4046048HYDP1 NR
Licence no. Lisensienr. ZHN495GP
Veh. register no. Vrt.registernr. CDJ848W
Engine no./Enjinnr. A14S198873F
Fees/Gelde 2.2
GVM/BVM 1349 kg
Tare/Tarra 758 kg
Make NISSAN Fabrikaat
Description Pick-up / Bakie Beskrywing
[3D bar code]
Date of test 2021-10-07 Datum van toets
Persons Persone: 002
Seated Sittende 000
Standing Staande
Date of expiry/Vervaldatum

26697.jpgAlbum 26697

26699.jpgAlbum 26699

USA & Canada

1971 69 HP quench chamber cylinder head
9233.jpgAlbum 9233

1972-1973 68 HP open chamber cylinder head
12220.jpgAlbum 12220

USA Ratings:
* Horsepower: 68 or 69 SAE HP
* Torque: Not listed

For an explanation of SAE and why some are 68, others are 69, see: Performance.

Car Number Dash Plate

Windshield serial number on USA cars matches the Car Number Plate
174_618b72d07fcdb.jpgPost 496245

Tune-up/Dyno Label

Tune-up/Dyno sticker as applied underhood
14805-H3900 (1972)
14994.jpgAlbum 14994

FMVSS Build Plate

In addition to the Nissan chassis numbers, USA models have an FMVSS build plate:
11924.jpgAlbum 11924

This is the only place on the 1200 that lists the month of manufacture.

Color Number

See main article: Color Number Tag


Custom Plates

2987.jpgAlbum 29873187.jpgAlbum 3187

Serial Numbers


B120 truck from Japan catalog C-415 (1997-10) pages F1 to G1
1 1975-OCTOBER "H" emission standards
2 1978-APRIL minor change and "E" emission standards
3 1979-AUGUST 1979 year exhaust emissions and vehicle type changed to B121
4 1981-OCTOBER "L" emission standards and vehicle type changed to B122
5 1985-APRIL minor change
6 1989-OCTOBER "R" emission standards
7 1994-MARCH 年産打さ切り production ends
Pages G1 to I1
2-5 月頭シャシ-NO.-?表
1983-1994 monthly chassis numbers
1983  JUL    AUG    SEP    OCT    NOV    DEC    JAN-84 FEB    MAR
 B122 008430 008967 009230 009630 009940 010270 010570 010850 011280
GB122 009993 010544 010843 011433 011863 012263 012623 013057 013783
1984  APR    MAY    JUN    JUL    AUG    SEP    OCT    NOV    DEC    JAN    FEB    MAR
 B122 012500 012677 013093 013503 013840 014097 014456 014931 015330 015691 016116 016483
GB122 020000 020158 020552 021101 021525 021854 022339 022850 023248 023509 023934 024475


JDM Catalog 11/1971 -- this may be the serial numbers where 3N71B automatic was first introduced. Translation is unclear.

* Sedan: From B110-226985
* Coupe: From B110-877228
USA Catalog
* U = United States models
* N = Canada models. Also some U models were sold in Canada.
* A = Automatic transmission-equipped models

Reference: Datsun 1200 USA & Canada Parts Catalog Model B110 Series (C-0030U), 4th Overall Revision, December 1973

1200 Coupe
11915.jpgAlbum 11915

  • KLB110TU
  • KLB110TN
  • KLB110AU
ZFrom (L)B110-764205From Apr-71
ZFrom LB110-640001From Jan-72
ZFrom LB110-477893From Jun-72
FFrom (L)B110-877228From Apr-71
FFrom (L)B110-940001From Jan-72
FFrom LB110-975540From Jul-72

[I'm guessing the "Z" means the Zama plant, and "F" means the Fuji Heavy Industries plant. This fits because only some Coupe models were marked F, while all sedans were built at the Zama plant.]

1200 2-Door Sedan
11916.jpgAlbum 11916

  • LB110TRU
  • LB110TRN
  • LB110ARU
ZFrom (L)B110-247023From Apr-71
ZFrom (L)LB110-341001From Jan-72
ZFrom LB110-477893From Jun-72

Monroney Sticker

See Monroney Sticker


Vehicle Identification Number

Starting in 1980, Datsuns were marked with an international-standard 17-digit VIN number.

See main article: VIN



See Engine ID Mark


Manual transmission number

23605.jpgAlbum 23605

23606.jpgAlbum 23606 23607.jpgAlbum 23607 23608.jpgAlbum 23608

Photo Index

1882.jpgAlbum 1882 9233.jpgAlbum 92331947.jpgAlbum 1947 11952.jpgAlbum 11952 12223.jpgAlbum 1222312224.jpgAlbum 12224 12225.jpgAlbum 12225 18183.jpgAlbum 18183 20010.jpgAlbum 20010

20016.jpgAlbum 20016 C22 Vannette

8463.jpgAlbum 8463 KB10 Plate 

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