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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Canby 2005

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Meetings

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Datsun Driving Canby Fun is the largest Nissan-Datsun meet in the United States, with over 200 vehicles showing. In the Oregon Summer. Canby is in June, Blue Lake in August. This is a more immersive event than Blue Lake, it is a two day experience.

June 11th and 12th, 2005: the 21st NW Datsun meet, when the Blue Lake meet split and Datsuns NW moved it to June. 2005 was the first time the meet was held in Canby, Oregon.

Previously the Bluelake Meet
Now held at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds

Well that was fun! Not quite as many cars this year (maybe 150 Datsuns? And only eight 1200s, compared to 10 last year), but maybe it was because of the change of location.

6549.jpgAlbum 6549

After the 1st day of the Datsun swap meet and hanging out, most people went somewhere else for the night. A few of us camped out along one side of the field.



21st Annual Northwest All-Datsun Meet
(formerly Blue Lake Picnic)
All makes & models old & new
Clackamas Country Fairgrounds
Canby, Oregon
Camping Facilities - Concessions - Car Wash area
Saturday June 11, 2005
Swap meet
Raffle prizes
Sunday June 12, 2005
Car Show
Swap meet
Raffle prizes
After 20 years, we've outgrown Blue Lake....The annual Datsun/Nissan Show and Shine has grown so much that Blue Lake Park is now too small to host the event.

We decided to move the event to the fairgrounds in Canby because, in addition being a much larger area,it also has the following benefits:

- The area can be secured so it is not open to the general public as it was at Blue Lake Park. Only those who purchase admission will be allowed in the area.

- There is a specific area for the swap meet

- Overnight camping and RV hookups are available

- On-site concessions offer great food, including breakfasts both days

- A special car washing area for registered show cars


#1st Place 1200 Modified

The lone entry for "Stock 1200" — all the others were hot-rodded 1200s
6789.jpgAlbum 6789 6790.jpgAlbum 6790 6553.jpgAlbum 6553
ddgonzal's 1200 Sedan

1200driver's B110R with minilite-type rims
6791.jpgAlbum 6791 6555.jpgAlbum 6555

Black Coupe with Minilite-style Rims
6556.jpgAlbum 6556

Oregon hillclimb 2-dr sedan with New A12
6549.jpgAlbum 6549 6554.jpgAlbum 6554

Jason's orange Coupe with AE86 power and Libre wheels
6557.jpgAlbum 6557

1200driver's Coupe was for sale. Has Centerline-style rims
6558.jpgAlbum 6558

parts were for sale, like this rear clip6550.jpgAlbum 6550
They had a bit of a "swap meet" this year in Canby. Actually there were only a few vendors, but still some good parts. Rod the Parts Guy had this rear clip ... it's from the Cal State Hayward college electric Datsun

Spotted this 2-door Sedan in Oregon City on my way to the show
6559.jpgAlbum 6559

6570.jpgAlbum 6570

1st Place 1200 Modified

1st place 1200 Modified: Barry Warren's dedicated autocross toy
6568.jpgAlbum 6568 6792.jpgAlbum 6792

120mph Speedometer
6551.jpgAlbum 6551

Tonneau Cover
6552.jpgAlbum 6552

"Trans-am" style flares
6569.jpgAlbum 6569

Spoiler and Fuel Cap
6604.jpgAlbum 6604 6605.jpgAlbum 6605

Moar Photos

More photos, including non-1200s, two Skylines, a 280ZXR, twin-turbo 510, VG 510s, etc.:

Bleach's Sunny Photos

1200driver Deluxe sedan
28177.jpgAlbum 28177 28178.jpgAlbum 28178 28179.jpgAlbum 28179 28180.jpgAlbum 28180

Jason AE86 Coupe
28181.jpgAlbum 28181

Hillclimb sedan
28182.jpgAlbum 28182

Barry's widebody coupe engine with Monte Carlo bar, Hitachi Twin Carb sidedraught airbox, Libre rims
28183.jpgAlbum 28183 28184.jpgAlbum 28184 28185.jpgAlbum 28185

WB310 Oregon Sunny California with Hitachi Twin Carbs
28187.jpgAlbum 28187 28186.jpgAlbum 28186 photo of 1200driver 2-door sedan
28188.jpgAlbum 28188

carterb photo 1200s at right, 510s to the left
28189.jpgAlbum 28189 photo of Roger's 240Z with the 1200driver Oregon Flyer coupe in background (on trailer)
28190.jpgAlbum 28190

classiczcars photo of the 1200s with Jason explaining how the AE86 fuel tank fits just right in a 1200 Coupe
28191.jpgAlbum 28191

classiczcars photo ddgonzal 2-door with window sticker
28192.jpgAlbum 28192 KB210
gallery_4_2118_1420130275_15727.jpg 1200s as the show begins filling up

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