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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Forced Induction

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By keeping the air cool and therefore dense, an intercooler will allow the boosted engine to make far more horsepower. Because the air is not overheated, more spark advance can be applied for more HP. Because the air is dense, more packs into the cylinders (air mass) which means more HP. And more boost can be applied before the knock index of the fuel is reached. More boost = more power.
973.jpgAlbum 973 3806.jpgAlbum 3806



An Intercooler is not needed, for example the first three years of the Porsche 911 Turbo didn't have one (1975-1977) and still this 3.0 liter turbo outperformed 7.5 liter NA cars.

3744.jpgAlbum 3744

An intercooler can result in far more HP, but requires a blow-through system (boxed carburetor) or EFI port injection. This is because for safety you don't want air-fuel mixture going through the cooler, where it will condense out of the airstream and result in fuel puddles in the cooler!

Even so, intercooler is worth the extra cost and complexity, because it significantly reduces the temperature of the compressed air, which increases the boost possible with a given octane fuel. So basically, for a modest up-front cost, you gain additional horsepower forever after.

790.jpgAlbum 790 1078.jpgAlbum 1078

An alternative to the intercooler is to use water or alcohol injection. Some OEM applications used water injection (ex. 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire which was a 10:1 V8 turbo).

NOTE: intercooler should not be used with a draw-through carburetor system. Instead, use #Water Injection

Can you re-purpose a car radiator and use it as an intercooler? Using an aluminum radiator should be better than nothing. Unless someone actually tested this, we are all just guessing as to whether it will work or not. Radiators can flow a lot of water, and air is easier to pump ... so air should flow through w/o significant restriction. Putting this in front of the car should allow some cooling effect, although obviously not as a much as a purpose-designed cooler.

Nissan GTiR factory-style intercooler (top mount) | Traditional in-front-of-radiator intercooler
9749.jpgAlbum 9749 13123.jpgAlbum 13123

Sleeper 120Y has intercooled FJ engine
2044.jpgAlbum 2044

2981.jpgAlbum 2981 2985.jpgAlbum 2985

Alloy radiator + intercooler
9912.jpgAlbum 9912

12927.jpgAlbum 12927

Front Mount

FMIC (front-mount intercooler)

Traditional in-front-of-radiator intercooler
191.jpgAlbum 191 2054.jpgAlbum 2054

296.jpgAlbum 296 294.jpgAlbum 294 3805.jpgAlbum 3805

Front External

For that bulldog look.

2607.jpgAlbum 2607 2821.jpgAlbum 2821 15291.jpgAlbum 15291

9511.jpgAlbum 9511 9512.jpgAlbum 9512 9513.jpgAlbum 9513 9516.jpgAlbum 9516 9674.jpgAlbum 9674

Small Front Mount

Smaller intercoolers fit between the grille and the radiator for a sleeper look. 26" x 9" x 2.5" which is almost the max size you can go without cutting a lot.

2251.jpgAlbum 2251 3883.jpgAlbum 3883

small front-mount
1920.jpgAlbum 1920 1919.jpgAlbum 1919

triple intercoolers
4054.jpgAlbum 4054

8888.jpgAlbum 8888

15286.jpgAlbum 15286 15305.jpgAlbum 15305 15306.jpgAlbum 15306 15307.jpgAlbum 15307

9149.jpgAlbum 9149 9218.jpgAlbum 9218 9295.jpgAlbum 9295 9296.jpgAlbum 9296 10600.jpgAlbum 10600 12565.jpgAlbum 12565 13339.jpgAlbum 13339 13341.jpgAlbum 13341 15616.jpgAlbum 15616 16074.jpgAlbum 16074 20768.jpgAlbum 20768

Large Front Mount

For large intercoolers a section of the radiator core support is cut out
14507.jpgAlbum 14507 14508.jpgAlbum 14508 Finished off -- large intercooler hidden
15111.jpgAlbum 15111

A lot can be cut out to fit gargantuan intercooler
13593.jpgAlbum 13593 15608.jpgAlbum 15608 15912.jpgAlbum 15912

10385.jpgAlbum 10385 10830.jpgAlbum 10830 11032.jpgAlbum 11032 11101.jpgAlbum 11101

10623.jpgAlbum 10623 11485.jpgAlbum 11485

13739.jpgAlbum 13739 13740.jpgAlbum 13740 14259.jpgAlbum 14259

14421.jpgAlbum 14421 15202.jpgAlbum 15202

620 x 320 x 76
16350.jpgAlbum 16350

400 x 300 x 73
6857.jpgAlbum 6857

240.jpgAlbum 240 1197.jpgAlbum 1197 1217.jpgAlbum 1217 1226.jpgAlbum 1226 1342.jpgAlbum 1342 1773.jpgAlbum 1773

2064.jpgAlbum 2064 2066.jpgAlbum 2066 2067.jpgAlbum 2067 2966.jpgAlbum 2966 4617.jpgAlbum 4617

6013.jpgAlbum 6013 6221.jpgAlbum 6221

Supra intercooler
2226.jpgAlbum 2226 17710.jpgAlbum 17710

120Y grille modded to accept intercooler
5137.jpgAlbum 5137 6266.jpgAlbum 6266 6267.jpgAlbum 6267 6268.jpgAlbum 6268

5231.jpgAlbum 5231 5236.jpgAlbum 5236 5242.jpgAlbum 5242 7251.jpgAlbum 7251

8549.jpgAlbum 8549 8550.jpgAlbum 8550 18488.jpgAlbum 18488 21007.jpgAlbum 21007 21720.jpgAlbum 21720 21722.jpgAlbum 21722

9429.jpgAlbum 9429

Airbox Tubing

1125.jpgAlbum 1125 1184.jpgAlbum 1184 1189.jpgAlbum 1189 2602.jpgAlbum 2602

Turbo Tubing

7525.jpgAlbum 7525 7526.jpgAlbum 7526

9901.jpgAlbum 9901 11273.jpgAlbum 11273

16029.jpgAlbum 16029 17077.jpgAlbum 17077

21579.jpgAlbum 21579

Top Mount

Nissan GTiR factory-style intercooler
9749.jpgAlbum 9749

S13 Silvia
3892.jpgAlbum 3892 3893.jpgAlbum 3893

9751.jpgAlbum 9751

Top-mount Subaru Forester intercooler
18278.jpgAlbum 18278 18280.jpgAlbum 18280


10178.jpgAlbum 10178 10181.jpgAlbum 10181

Set-back Intercooler

17371.jpgAlbum 17371

Dry-Ice Intercooling

7072.jpgAlbum 7072 

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