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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Block Comparison

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Category: Engine Mechanical

The engine cylinder block changed for the 1974 model year. Early A-series Datsun engines (1966-1973) feature a front-distributor design. The A Engine Redesign of 1973 moved the distributor back to mid-engine, and moved the motor mounts back 35 mm.



B10 A10 Engine
 * no Breather Tube at rear of block
17129.jpgAlbum 17129
B110 A12 Engine
 * only two accessory bolt bosses on left side
174_56ef818ad0204.jpgPost 477472
1974-up A12/A13 (short deck engines)
* Many accessory bolt bosses
1974-up A13/A14/A15 (tall deck engines)
* Evenly-spaced Welch Plugs
6107.jpgAlbum 6107
* Unevenly spaced welch plugs
19820.jpgAlbum 19820

Block Oiling

Head Oiling

Early blocks have oil coming up through the head gasket to the cylinder head. 1974-up blocks have this hole plugged, and instead the oil comes up the center head bolt hole.

See Cylinder_Head_Identification#Cylinder_head_oil_passage

Brass plug in Late block
20443.jpgAlbum 20443


Oil Pickup Location (circled) & dipstick hole (arrow)
25675.jpgAlbum 25675

Early refers to front-distributor engines (A10 and A12) before the 1974 A-series Engine Redesign.


A10 Deck Height: 179.1mm 
A12/A13/A12A Deck Height: 189.1mm 
A14/A15 Deck Height: 204.1mm
Length (all): 393-394 mm block proper (less timing cover)

Tall Block

A14/A15 tall block engines have a Deck height of 204.1mm, or 15mm taller than an A12/A12A block. Length front-to-back is the same.

A13 - 1974 USA B210
11010-H6200 A13 BARE BLOCK 73mm/2.87" bore size
* H72 or G30 cast mark with "A14" above fuel pump
* #G34 cast mark 
  11010-H9700 A14/A15 BARE BLOCK 76mm/2.99" bore size
* 1979  11010-H9700
* 1980- 11010-H9905 #G34

Short Deck


B10 Sunny "Datsun 1000" came with A10 engine, 998 cc, 3-main bearing block. All other A-series engines have 5-main bearings.


JDM Catalog
11010-18000 ALL Except Coupe
* uses 13035-18000 ASSY-COVER TIMING CHAIN
11010-18001 from E/# A10-184228 
* uses 13035-18001 ASSY-COVER TIMING CHAIN 
  13035-H1000 from 0570
 [updated to Double timing chain & pressure tensioner]  
 [Fits all B10 blocks]
11010-25700 Coupe

Some B10 was fitted with NIKKI carburetor.

A12 Original

H10 block castings 
19179.jpgAlbum 19179
11010-H2300 A12 BARE BLOCK 73mm/2.87" bore size
* USA 11010-H2300 0570- ALL <> 11010-H1000
* USA 11010-H1000 -0470
* JPN 11010-H2300 GX, running change replaced <2,0> 11010-H1000
* JPN 11010-H1000 except GX
M08 block from 1970-1973 E10 Nissan Cherry X-1R A12T 
2636.jpgAlbum 2636
M15 E10 Cherry A12 single-carb

B110 A12 engine, five main bearing (so not interchangeable with A10 engine).

  • 11010-H1000 JDM, USA -0470
    • 13035-18001 ASSY-COVER TIMING CHAIN [single mark, pulley has multiple marks]
  • 11010-H2300 GX, USA non-GX from 0570-
    • 13035-H1000 ASSY-COVER TIMING CHAIN [multiple marks]
    • [chain tensioner and bolts changed 0570]

2636.jpg.jpgAlbum 2636.jpg

M08 - Cherry A12T

A12 GX

B110 A12GX Engine block is the same as standard block (same part number). It was fitted slightly differently, including:

  • Flat-top pistons
  • GX camshaft
  • extra connection on the Suction Pipe

26361.jpgAlbum 26361 26362.jpgAlbum 26362 26360.jpgAlbum 26360

A12 from 1974

1974 engine redesign (From October 1973), accessory mounts and engine mounts not compatible with earlier A12 engine.

More bolt holes for more accessories.
Engine mount bosses are 35 mm farther back (in photo, mount is forward, on accessories mounts)
19202.jpgAlbum 19202

AC compressor bracket bolt holes
28304.jpgAlbum 28304

Revised Block
23474.jpgAlbum 23474

Early Block
23475.jpgAlbum 23475

Dimension (late engine)
25421.jpgAlbum 25421

B210 JDM
* 11010-H5000
* 11010-G1600 From June 1975 (?)
* Both use 11110-H5000 PAN ASSY-OIL
* Both use 13035-H1000 COVER-timing chain
* Both use 11110-H5000 PAN ASSY-OIL 
B120 JDM (from Oct 1975) 
* 11010-G1600 7510-7907
* 11010-G1618 7908-8503
  11110-H5000 PAN ASSY-OIL 7510-8503
* 11010-G1619 8504-
* 11110-G3401 PAN ASSY-OIL 8504-8910
* All use 13035-H1000 Timing Chain Cover
** 11110-H9701 PAN ASSY-OIL 8910-
B310 JDM
* 11010-H5000 Van -7909
* 11010-H9460 Van 7910-8010
* 11010-H8500 Sedan, Coupe -8010
* 11010-H9463 Van 8011-8109, 8110-
* All use 11110-H5000 PAN ASSY-OIL 
* All use 13035-H1000 or 13035-H1010 COVER-timing chain

20516.jpgAlbum 20516

H10 A12 B110 etc.
H72 A14 B210 etc. rear wheel drive
M72 A14 N10 Front wheel drive
H85 - B310 A12
H86 - A12A/A13
#M79 - A12


No drain plug (undrilled boss)
Single drain plug

Dual drain plugs (M22? casting number)
17799.jpgAlbum 17799 17797.jpgAlbum 17797

H86 - A12A/A13

6107.jpgAlbum 6107 6109.jpgAlbum 6109

  • New A12 has offset center core plug (same as original A12), but with two drain plug bosses
  • A14 has re-spaced center core plug and single drain plug boss

M2 Block

A12 block with a large POST 'M2' cast mark on left side and smaller 'M22' left side rear
18118_54a4789c3b5b6.jpgUpload click to view 25127.jpgAlbum 25127

L-series, Z-series, KA-series and A-series were all available with blocks marked M2. Apparently M2 indicates a factory replacement block.

Also cast 'M22' in the usual place, and cast 'A12' above the fuel pump boss
16008_54b38d15ca1d9.jpgUpload click to view 16008_54b38d4380d9d.jpgUpload click to view 16008_54b38d2d09b57.jpgUpload click to view

A12 M2 block
* Late model design (A Engine Redesign)
* Twin drain plugs on left side
* Late model scalloped crankshaft
* POST reportedly has smaller-than-normal 25mm Welch Plugs on left side

13814.jpgAlbum 13814 18118_54a389bc05af0.jpgPost 462282


* single drain plug casting
* dual drain plug casting

M79 may or may not be drilled and tapped for the second drain plug.

M79_block.jpg M79.jpg

Single drain plug


H85 is the B310 Sunny 1977-1980 A12A block with 75mm bore.

B310 CAN A12
B310 JPN Sedan, Coupe -1980.10

JDM B310 sedan and coupe after October 1980 used the #H86 block with slightly larger 76mm bore and was marked 'A13'.

identifying features
* Block Code H85
* low deck height (like all A12)
* ID pad is just below top of block is stamped 'A12'
174_614288239ae7e.jpgPost 495859

174_6142885150408.jpgPost 495859 174_6142886c66828.jpgPost 495859 174_614288b4dafe3.jpgPost 495859 174_614288c111d7f.jpgPost 495859 174_614288ce2b51a.jpgPost 495859


A12A debuted 1977 in Japan in sedan/coupe (but not wagon or van). 1978 in North America B310. The bore is 2mm larger than A12.

75mm/2.95" bore size

6713.jpgAlbum 6713

North America B310
* 11010-H8500 CAN 1278-0779
* 11010-H8502 CAN
* 11010-H9001 CAN 0879-
* 11010-H9960 USA 0879-
  * uses 11110-H5000 OIL PAN
11010-H8500 7712-8010

A13, 1980

For JDM B310 sedans & coupe, the A13S replaced the A12S November 1980. B310 vans kept using the A12. Not to be confused with TS 1300 engine, which was an overbored A12. A13 uses 76mm bore like the A15.

11010-H8660 A13S 8011-JAPAN B310

15874.jpgAlbum 15874 7779.jpgAlbum 7779 5987.jpgAlbum 5987

Tall Deck

Tall-deck engines have about 25cm between the bell housing section and the cylinder head.
28768.jpgAlbum 28768

1974 A13

USA model B210 (HLB210) for 1974 came with unique pre-A14 tall block engine.

11010-H6200 [1974] A13 BARE BLOCK 73mm/2.87" bore size
* 11110-H6200 ASSY-PAN OIL
* Uses 13035-H1000 Timing Chain Cover

The A13 block looks similar to an A14, so check the stamp of the Engine ID Mark to see whether it says 'A13' or 'A14'.

Engine Type Stamp is below #4 spark plug, aft of distributor
16699.jpgAlbum 16699


A14 debuted late 1974 for the 1975 model year.

North America B210
11010-H7200 B210 USA/CANADA
* B210 USA uses Mid Sump oil pan
* 11110-H6200 ASSY-PAN OIL -0275
* 11110-H7200 ASSY-PAN OIL 0375-0875
* 11110-H7201 ASSY-PAN OIL 0975-
* Uses 13035-H1000 Timing Chain Cover
North American B310
11010-H7200 -0779 USA, -1179 CAN
11010-H9905 0879- USA [same as A15] 
11010-H9900 0879- USA
11010-H9115 1279-0780 CAN
* 11110-H5000 OIL PAN [same as JDM B210 A12/A14]

A14 cast "A14" above fuel pump

H72 Casting mark with "29027A03" cast mark
IMGP9678.jpg IMGP9679.jpg IMGP1096.jpg

H72 with "28X23A01" cast mark
18284_557bb0637cead.jpgPost 469285


North America B310
* 11010-H9700 -0779 [different from A14]
* 11010-H9905 0879- [Shared with A14]
** 11110-H9700 OIL PAN [unique to A15]
Nissan Competition
* 11010-H9700 A14/A15 BARE BLOCK 76mm/2.99" bore size


Late A14/A15 casting 'G34'.

  • Different from the earlier #H97 A15 block
  • #A14 from 1980 used this rationalized block.
H99 11010-H9905 0879- A14/A15
    11010-H9900 0879- A14 only

Is H91 machined from a G34 casting? 11010-H9115 1279-0780 A14 CANADA

Look for casting number on left side of block

18871.jpgAlbum 18871 18870.jpgAlbum 18870

with G34 pistons
18872.jpgAlbum 18872

20677_57942d76a0d0e.jpgPost 480071 20677_57942d8e17f33.jpgPost 480071 20677_57942d5d29e0d.jpgPost 480071 20677_57942d82bfe3f.jpgPost click for topic

20447.jpgAlbum 20447 20444.jpgAlbum 20444 327075971.jpg 327076023.jpg

G34 cast mark, also "8" and "238193"
g34-1.jpg g34-2.jpg g34-3.jpg

A14 G34

G34 A14 with "C028X" mark
u29192282higkz26-img600x450-1222754743jupnux96499.jpg u29192282higkz26-img600x450-1222754743gds1vs96499.jpg

G34 A14
20446.jpgAlbum 20446 20447.jpgAlbum 20447 20444.jpgAlbum 20444

G34 A15
6107.jpgAlbum 6107 6108.jpgAlbum 6108 6109.jpgAlbum 6109 10246.jpgAlbum 10246 

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